Perimential Event Reflection

Perimential Event Reflection

Perimential Event Reflection. Write in the genre of Reflective Writing. What’s that? Reflective writing is evidence of reflective thinking. In an academic context, reflective thinking usually involves: 

  1. Looking back at something (the event/activity/workshop) you attended;
  2.  Analyzing the event or idea (thinking in depth and from different perspectives, and trying to explain, often with reference to a model or theory from your subject) and; 
  3. Thinking carefully about what the event or idea means for you and your ongoing progress as a learner.
  • Avoid summarizing the activity that you attended or simply asserting that you learned something from it without any reflection.      
  • make clear connections to Education 118. Focus on a salient moment that you have identified from any field notes that you have written while participating in your experiential activity. In addition, it should include your interpretation of that activity in relation to you as a transfer-student at UCSB and/or the readings and lectures introduced in ED 118.
  • Give us at least 500 words.
  • I suggest that you add a selfie or have someone take a picture of you attending the event. Either embed the image in a doc or upload separately. If you forget to include an image, your writing should be so rich that we won’t question that you attended. Also, you’ll be scanning in to the event. But we love to see pictures of our students participating in campus events, so please try to include an image. 

It will be easiest to complete this reflection if you paste these prompts into the text block provided or into whatever software you prefer and respond. 

1. Provide a VERY brief summary of the event. Save your word count for the event reflection. You will lose points if you spend too many words on the summary.

2. Analyze the event, an idea from the event, the topic of the event — choose something good to focus on.

3. Describe how the event affected you. This is where you can make connections to your life, your coursework, your transfer experience.

4. Give the event hosts feedback about the event. It can be positive or negative. 


I attend the event on January 30 2019 at UCSB Transfer Student Center. The event basically talk about some internship that UCSB offered. Like FRAP program which is (Faculty Research assistance program) this program is super interesting because like a student can work together with a professor and also you get pay. No matter what major we can participate and is super easy the lady was talking about this program she is called WENDY she was showing to us how can we get more information about it! Also she mention that something I think is very interesting we can get an internship in Washington DC and also Sacramento California.  this program is offered in fall, winter, spring and summer quarter so I will have a lot of opportunity of that also is open to all majors and the requirement also is simple just need 3.0 GPA.

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Perimential Event Reflection

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