Perform route analysis of the mentioned airlines below:

Perform route analysis of the mentioned airlines below


You are required to perform a route analysis between MCO and CLE. Use BTS data for May 2, 2018 as well as additional data sources.
You must consider all flights, IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. You do not have to consider all possible connecting flight information, but do include one stop flights if they seem reasonable.
Descriptive Analysis
Based on the city-pair assigned to you, the report should include:

  • Which airlines flew/fly this route?
  • What aircraft do they fly?
  • What are their configurations (First/Business/Coach)?
  • What is the flight frequency/timing for each airline?
  • How many seats are available? Average, sum, min, max
  • What are the number of F/B/C seats
  • How do the flights perform? (arrival and departure delays)
  • From what airports are the routes served?
  • Do any of these airports have significant delays? If so, when?
  • What are the fares (F/B/C) and how does one airline compare to another? How do the fares change based on the chosen day of the week? (use one way fares).


  • Which airline(s) dominate the route?
  • How do you define and describe “dominate”? This is not an opinion, you need to use measures common to the industry.
  • What is the seat distribution (F/B/C) by airline, aircraft and by time of day?
  • Do you see any patterns or relationships between any of the following? (For example does airline A offer more or less seats during a particular time period than airline B?) You need to look at:

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Route Analysis

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