Pain Management End of Life Care

Pain Management End of Life Care

Answer the following Pain Management End of Life Care questions:

1)Discuss the validity of “aggressive” pain medication at the end of life care in cancer patient who is suffering from severe pain.  What are the legitimate concerns and myths toward treating such patients from providers’ perspective?

2) Describe the use of corticosteroids as an adjuvant therapy in cancer pain.  Describe the pharmaco/physiologic effects of steroids used in treating cancer pain.

3) Several pages of text are dedicated to opioids used in cancer pain.  After your reading, compose a Top 10 list based on your assessment of each opioid for which medications you would use (either based on your investigation or experience).  Please give a rational for each medication and why you would use it over the others.

4) What are the latest advances in research involving opioid induced constipation?  How serious is the issue constipation in this patient population?

Answer questions with streamlined answers, do not use broad answers.  Use the textbook as 1 reference and the WHO delphi study pdf

 Bonica’s Management of Pain Textbook 4th edition Chapter 43 (pages 582-602) and pages 1554-1555.

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Pain Management End of Life Care

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