Organizational Dynamics and Governance

Organizational Dynamics and Governance

Week 3 Assignment- Organizational Dynamics & Governance


It is not uncommon for healthcare organizations to restructure, reorganize, or change ownership on a somewhat frequent basis.  As the business of healthcare is ever changing, many organizations must change to meet the demands of the industry, patients they serve, and professionals that serve them.

Referring back to the organization that you chose in Week 1 , this week you will explore how they handle Governance, both before and after restructuring.

Areas of focus:

  • What are the governmental, regulatory, professional and accreditation agencies that the organization must adhere to?
  • What organizational systems theories and behaviors to they subscribe to?
  • How does the organization handle public policy, legislative and advocacy processes?
  • What is the governance structure of the organization?
  • How does this system create and maintain appropriate oversight of the organization?
  • What is the role of leadership within this governance structure?

Your analysis should be in APA format (7th ed.), 2-4 pages (not including Title or Reference Page) in length, should be double spaced, Conclusion, Recommendation and should include 3-5 scholarly references.

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Organizational Dynamics and Governance

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