Optimization of Caloric Outcomes for ICU Patients

Optimization of Caloric Outcomes for ICU Patients

Optimization of Caloric Outcomes for ICU Patients. This is a nutrition related Journal article assignment.
Address the scenario below using evidence obtained from peer reviewed journal articles, states the following: The curriculum must reflect the scientific basis of the dietetics profession and must include research methodology, interpretation of research literature, and integration of research principles into evidence-based practice.


You are currently a dietitian working in a large tertiary care center adult ICU. Your attending physician attended a conference recently where her colleagues were talking about caloric goals for ICU patients. Her colleagues were discussing permissive underfeeding (usually about 40-60% of the estimated caloric goal) vs. eucaloric feedings (usually about 70-100% of the estimated caloric goal), and she is asking you to compile some of the current evidence so that the team can make a decision about how to optimize outcomes for your patients. She is wondering not only about caloric delivery, but also differences in feeding tolerance, infectious complications, and ICU and hospital LOS.

Introduction –1 page

• Provides a brief background on the topic and presents relevant background details to introduce your paper

• There are a variety of topics that may make sense- there is not a set requirement here. You should keep it succinct, focused, and to the point.

Discussion and Presentation of Research

• Each article should be explained and addressed separately
• Explanation of study type, a brief overview of patient selection criteria, and procedure/process must be included
• Complete data/statistical analysis as well as risks and benefits must be addressed; statistical significance must be fully explained
• You should include details about any/all of the important/relevant outcomes examined in the research, and discuss any shortcomings of the papers that you are reviewing


• Using details from your research, the conclusion should address how the research supports a position for your case taking into consideration any risks that may be present
• No new information may be presented in the conclusion
• Your opinion must be evident and must be based on evidence you’ve presented

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Optimization of Caloric Outcomes for ICU Patients

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