Mindfulness Leadership

Mindfulness Leadership

Mindfulness Leadership.
There are two parts to this assignment.



Part I (Points 45)

  1. Try the experiment described in Chapter 1. Simply close your eyes and just focus on your breathing. Feel the sensations as it enters and leaves your body. Next, record what you noticed. How was the experience? What occurred? Were you able to eliminate all of the distractions in your brain and focus on your breathing? How did the experience relate to what you have read thus far?
  2. A major focus of mindfulness is switching from reacting to responding? Is it bad to be a reactor? Why or why not?  How can we learn to respond instead of reacting? Provide two examples of how you specifically can begin to respond instead of reacting.
  3. What were five takeaways from the “38 leadership principles from the greatest business, military, political and sports leaders” article? How does each one relate to being a mindful leader? Why do you believe this?

Part II (Points 35)

What are your leadership principles? Complete the “reflection on leadership principles” assignment in the book and answer the following questions: Reflection on leadership principles

  1. What are my leadership principles?
  2. What principles are at the core of who I am and how I want to lead?
  3. What principles am I passionate about?
  4. What principles form the rudder that I can turn to when the complexities of life serve up a rocky sea?
  5. How did you go about developing this list?

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Mindfulness Leadership

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