Militant terrorist organizations

Militant terrorist organizations

 There are several militant terrorist organizations around the world as we have learned.
1. Please name at least 6 terrorist organizations and what is there country of origin?

According to there are hundreds of terrorist organizations around the world. Please take a look at CTC.GOV and you will the various groups and their locations.

1. Al Qaeda

2. Boko Haram

3.  Egyption- Islamic Brotherhood

4. Hezbollah

5. Hamas

6. ISIL or Daesh

2. What is their mission statement, if any?

In my opinion, they are interested in killing massive amounts of people in order to spread fear amongst their own people. They objective is to change social and political ideologies around the world from its capitalist forms to Sharia Law, which is a government that is governed by the strictest form of Islamic Law. This is 7th Century form of living based on the Hadiths or traditions of the prophet Muhammad. Women were second class citizens, and could not go to school or hold a job. Women could not leave their homes without their husbands. No music, art, or anything is allowed in this environment. There is more.

3. Why do they view the United States as such a great enemy? What can the U.S. do to change this notion?

The U.S. Is considered the enemy of Islamism because of our way of life, which is a free society where life thrives. There is really nothing that can be done to change this perspective as it is radical which can not be reasoned with or negotiated with.

What are your thoughts on this?


Students must answer all questions with a 250 word main post, and a 125 word reply to fellow students. Take this time to name at least 6 international terrorist groups by name. Students will tell the reader where they are located and what the modus operandi is.

1. Which Muslim sect do your groups derive their ideology? Shia or Sunnah?

2. What is their position on killing innocent people even fellow Muslims? What is the term used to justify this notion?

3. As end goal, what is it that these terrorist groups want? Why?

4. How is social media being used to recruit fellow students

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Militant terrorist organizations

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