Describe Is Love All You Need?

Describe Is Love All You Need?

Is Love All You Need?



According to Martin Buber notion of Love I think it can relate to a role in how we do business. He explains how love plays a role in what we do. For example, Love is a feeling on how we feel towards humans. This can also relate to how we operate in a business format. If a person loves his job he will do anything that helps benefit the company. They will go above and beyond in accomplishing their normal activities and duties. If there is a person who does not love their job the company will get the bear minimum out of the employee. We can use other ways to motivate that employee but this is only a temporary fix. Often they will just go back to not liking their job but will do them minimum because they need the pay. I think the notion of Mark Buber love does apply to not only humans but can be related to a business.

The responsibility that companies have in regards to justice and care are huge. Without care of people working for the company could be a driving key to an unsuccessful business. If people show that they care and do what is right for the company it leads them to a path of being successful. Either they care or not the company relies on the outcome of this. If a company has justice it makes sure that all the rules are followed and guidelines. Without this you are giving employees free range to do anything they want. Business ethics should be grounded on concrete tenets. If company does not operate on a principle belief what is the use of having a company.

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Is Love All You Need

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