Identify strengths and weaknesses of student’s blog post

Identify strengths and weaknesses of student’s blog post

Peer Review Guidelines for Blog Post Comments

You should provide peer feedback on using the comments feature , consider these tips while writing your comment.
To identify strengths and weaknesses of student’s blog post in the following areas:
o Appropriateness of the case chosen
o Description of the case and its relevance to the class
o Strength and quality of the arguments and ideas
o Organization and logic
o Grammar and style
o Integration of class material
To offer constructive feedback on all aspects of the blog post in such a way as to assist the writer in generating his/her final paper.
Tips on writing peer-review comments:
Be constructive. If you don’t understand what an author is saying, ask questions that will help him/her clarify the meaning of a sentence.
Be specific. Ask about a particular issue, example, or argument. Pinpoint what you think the particular problem is.
Propose solutions. If you don’t feel that the writer is making a sufficiently strong argument, or needs further information, offer some suggestions.
Be courteous and professional. Your goals are to offer constructive suggestions that will help the author enhance the quality of his or her final paper.
Some rules to follow:
A. For the reviewer:
Offer help, not just criticism.
Tell what does work as well as what doesn’t.
Be as specific as possible.
Be honest.
B. For the author:
Don’t be defensive: you can always improve your draft.
Take every idea into consideration before deciding what recommendations to follow.
Ask your peer reviewer to clarify if you do not understand his/her comments.

Peer Review of Blog Post:
Please answer the following questions in providing comments to your peer review
1. How appropriate is the case the author has chosen for the final paper?
2. How well does the author describe the case and its relevance to the class?
3. Evaluate the strength and quality of the author’s arguments.
4. How organized is the post and how logical are the ideas and arguments?
5. Evaluate the author’s grammar and writing style, particularly in terms of clarity.
6. How well does the author integrate class material?


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