Group Destination Competitiveness Report

Group Destination Competitiveness Report

Group Destination Competitiveness Report. Groups should contain 3-4 students and each student should contribute approximately 1,400 words to the report.

Step 1:

The Ritchie and Crouch (2003) Destination Competitiveness Model forms the basis for this assignment. You are required to study the Destination Competitiveness Model by referring to the pdf on the LMS site for this subject, which describes the model in detail.

Step 2:

Select a destination with which you have some familiarity and analyse its competitiveness as a tourism destination. If you wish, you may use one of the destinations chosen by one of the group members for the Individual Report for the basis for this assignment. Given the limits on the word length of this report and the availability of information or data, it is neither intended nor expected that your work will address each (and every) element of the competitiveness model. While you should have no great difficulty researching items such as: Physiography; Climate; Culture and History; Infrastructure; Accessibility; Safety and Security; and Cost/Value, for example, you are likely to have much greater difficulties researching other items such as: System Definition; Political Will; Monitoring and Evaluation; and Information/Research; for example. So, rather than attempting to evaluate all elements of the model, you should instead select any 10 elements of the model which you feel will be the easiest to research, and focus your efforts only on these. Your work should aim to assess the competitiveness of the destination with respect to each of these selected 10 elements. Additionally, the report should discuss, for each element, the following issues:

  1. How would you rank the 10 elements in terms of their overall impact on the destination’s competitiveness? Explain your rationale.
  2. For each element discuss the extent to which the tourism industry in the destination might have the capacity to influence or improve competitiveness. Again, explain your rationale.

Step 3:

Write your report and explain your conclusions. Indicate the actual word count immediately after the end of the main body of text. The 1,400 words per student applies only to the main body of your text. It does not include the title, student names, references, or any supporting evidence provided in an Appendix.

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Group Destination Competitiveness Report

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