Grant for Bullying Prevention

Grant for Bullying Prevention

RFP: Grant for Bullying Prevention

Project Overview:

The project aims to identify the effects caused by bullying among high school students. And indicating the strategies that can be used to reduce bullying in the schools. It also aims at indicating the various ways in which the bullying can be handled by the teachers and the parents, such as instead of using the harsh and firm discipline methods, there can be the use of other measures such as guidance and counseling for those who bully and for the victims. Also, indicating the social skills that can be used and identifies the grant amount that should be available for the project to be available.

Project Goals

a) To ensure there is a reduction of the number of school dropouts and the effect of children dropping out of schools like getting involved in drug abuse and mental health problems which affects the entire community.
b) The students to learn how to cope and contain their feelings and how to solve problems effectively without the use of violence
c) To ensure that the teachers also learn the best method for disciplining the students involved with bullying the others, the parents to learn how to discipline the kids and the community at large effectively and to ensure that all the students in all the levels learn and gain the social skills required.
d) Enhancing psychology programs like guidance and counseling that fit within the available budgets for both the students for after class sessions and for the teachers to undertake during the holidays for the first two weeks after the schools are closed.

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Grant for Bullying Prevention

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