Global politics through film discourse analysis

Global politics through film discourse analysis

Global politics through film discourse analysis. Assessment Description. The Discourse Analysis requires you to analyse a film from the list below. You must write a critical analysis that examines how a specific issue in global politics is being represented through the discourse of the chosen film.  You are expected to undertake additional research on the topic(s) and issue(s) represented in the film that you have selected.

Assessment Requirements

You must write a 1500 word Discourse Analysis of one of the films listed under below. Your Discourse Analysis should include the larger ideological perspective that has shaped how the director perceives the world and his or her own identity. You should analyse how these discourses define the social and power relationships within the global political sphere.  This analysis should include an interpretation of what is considered to be “normal” in the hegemonic ideas about global politics and how the representation of such issues in the film support or counter such ideas.

Assessment Criteria and Standards

  1. Accuracy and appreciation of the significance of relevant events and issues in global politics
  2. Utilization of evidence and examples from chosen film
  3. Coherence and quality of the logic and argument
  4. Original thought, critical thinking
  5. English expression (If you fail on this criterion you fail the task)


Your Discourse Analysis should be written in essay format, with a clear introduction to the global political discourse you will be analysing.  You should discuss how the film reflects this discourse or seeks to represent a counter discourse.  Think about the story that the applicable hegemonic discourse tells about global politics and compare this with the story being told in the film.  Does the film maker seek to merely reflect the hegemonic discourse? Is this film part of the way that popular culture reinforces the hegemonic discourse?  Or is the film maker seeking to represent a different way of viewing global politics? Is the film maker using popular culture to present a counter discourse?  Make sure you present examples from the film to support your analysis.  While there is no definitive amount of required research, the norm would be that a minimum of 5 sources would be necessary for an essay of this length.

  • Please watch the following link on Youtube about how to prepare a Discourse Analysis:


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Global politics through film discourse analysis