Give your response on your peers reply to  government regulation to media 

Give your response on your peers reply to  government regulation to media

Bruce Summers

The discussion for this week is remarkably interesting. After reading the two articles that were recommended and researching a couple of others and the chapter perspective 11.3, My experience is the lens that I will focus on this topic.

I was in the military for over thirty years, deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006 and witnessed firsthand the violent terror inflicted by the insurgents against the United States military and the coalition forces there at that time. We were targeted by suicide bombers, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS). We recovered many bodies from the Euphrates River that had been assassinated and bodies on the side of the  road that had been killed then had explosives inserted into the body to target units that had to recover the bodies from the side of the road. I witnessed combatants that were taken off the battlefield and listened on some of the interrogation and walked through the detention center. I will tell you I have never felt such evil in my life.

That being said, I believe that there should be government regulation when it comes to social media and the media to help to curtail some of the information that is being used to radicalize individuals. When you look at or research some of our home-grown terrorists and the threat the pose to our homeland, why shouldn’t we try and stop it to protect our citizens and the homeland?

John Gress

This weeks topic of whether or not media and social media networking requires government regulation in regards to general terrorist threats and First Amendment rights of free speech. I am not a fan of government regulations, but I do believe as Martin discusses, there is a need for media gate keeping and media operating under established standards of professional conduct ans self-regulation versus official regulation and censorship (Martin 2018). Media has found a way to glorify terrorist acts and help to publicize the cause these organizations seek, and there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the two. Mass media capitalizes on the confusion and consternation caused by terrorist attacks, creating dramatic “BREAKING NEWS” which draws in viewers similar to what you see with soap operas and scripted drama (Rivera 2016). When you look at how other governments around the world regulate media, it does provide a wide variety of options that I think make some sense and others that make me happy to be an American! The way China creates it’s own media outlets and is able to censor is pretty extreme, same with Russia and how they have blocked Linkedin and fined Facebook and Twitter for not adhering to their regulations (BBC 2020).

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Give your response on your peers reply to  government regulation to media 

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