Film that is about France World War II

Film that is about France World War II

The Film Review is the most informal written assignment of the course (excepting Canvas Discussion Board comments). Essentially you choose a film (or television show, mini-series, etc.) that takes place in your chosen nation and within the chronology of our course. You post which film you choose on the appropriate canvas discussion board. You return to the discussion board post after watching the film and give a very quick rating of the film for the class (you can decide the scale and the reasons). Then you write a short. Film Review and send it to me as an e-mail attachment.

The Film review should not summarize the entirety of the plot. Instead, you should discuss the merits of the film for a history class like ours. The review should tell me if the film added to your understanding of the nation and the broader scope of the course or if it did not. Develop those ideas: why the film works with the history course or does not.

Remember, the film can be of any genre and can be wildly inaccurate or completely uninterested in portraying history accurately (those films would give you a lot to discuss).

Also remember:

The film must include your chosen nation.

The film must take place at some point in the chronology of the course (which extends until the end of World War II).


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