Explain the role of agency in nursing.

Explain the role of agency in nursing.

Explain the role of agency in nursing. You are required to participate in a group forum online. The purpose is that you think critically about Module 3. Postings must be supported by reference to resources and academic literature.

You must make Word copies of your posts as you will select postings to be submitted for assessment. You are required to make:

One posting in each discussion forum which argues a position in relation to each of the statements below; Statements:

  1. The development of agency i.e. the capacity for acting with, or exerting power in nursing is important to the profession. The statement “I am just a nurse” diminishes the role of agency in nursing. (250 words)
  2. Male nurses often occupy a privileged position within the profession in relation to their female colleagues. This leads to over representation of men in positions of authority and power within nursing. (250 words)
  3. Individual nurses, and the profession, often remain silent despite nurses being in a unique position to be activists and change advocates for diverse communities. (250 words)

Assessment criteria

  1. Arguments and challenges demonstrate a critical understanding and analysis of the topics and succinctly justify a position.
  2. Perspectives are substantiated and well integrated with references to relevant current literature, readings and unit content.
  3. Engagement with the discussion is timely and stays on topic.
  4. Communicates in academic writing using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Constructs coherent sentences. Correct use of the SNM Harvard referencing style.


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Explain the role of agency in nursing