Diversity in school

Diversity in school

I have attached the book too: Please use any chapter that has diversity in school to add information. It has to be edited too.

summarize and synthesize the most important areas of the assigned materials. A good way to do this is creating a PowerPoint, including visuals, etc.

While completing the assigned readings you will need to think of 2 critical thinking questions for your peers to respond to and discuss in the discussion board. To do so:

1. Consider the major points or problems covered in the reading.

2. Make a list of questions that you think will be interesting for your peers to discuss, but are also directly related to the assigned readings (these questions should not be copied from questions in the textbook. The questions should be original). The questions should drive major points home, and create discussion amongst your peers. When creating your discussion questions, consider the following:

         a. How relevant is the question(s) to the daily topic, readings, and viewings?

         b. How well does the question make connections between the assigned readings and viewings?

         c. Is the question well developed?

         d. Is the question original?

         e. Does the question encourage conversation amongst the class?

Topic: Diversity in school

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Diversity in school

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