Describe short and long-term goals

Describe short and long-term goals

Then the first part starting with “Determination is one of the key”, edit it and replace with the information provided by the customer on the instruction attachment saying “Since I was a kid, I like designing homes”.

Since I was a kid, I like designing homes, airports, bridges and to see how constructions are built, I had a dream to buy an apartment in Europe one day, Imagining myself with a wonderful lady. All of that, it’s just a dream until I start to work for it, and have faith on myself that I can make it one day. For the short-term goal, I want to graduate with a bachelor and master
degree in my major construction engineering, and start working to gain experience, and starting to make some cash. I also want my parents to be proud of me, and to help them in a physical and financial way. In 10 years from now, When I get older I want to be a successful construction engineer. I see myself working in a good construction company in a management role. One of my dreams also is to Save money to buy an apartment in Dubai or Switzerland. Also, finding my love of my life so we can live together in a nice place, and being a good father. In addition, I want to save money for investment in real estate, I’m always interested on all types of real estate.
I want to made an impact on this organization in significant positive way one day.

1 year goals
1- Graduate with a construction engineering bachelor degree next year
2- Saving account
3- Get an internship
4- Travel and visit different countries around the world
5 years’ goals
1- Graduate with master degree on engineering management
2- Job and a high position in company (management role)
3- Get into Real estate
10 years’ goals
1- Married
2- Own apartments in Dubai or Switzerland
3- Help my parents (financially)
4- Get luxury cars
5- Invest in multiple investments
6- Have children

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My Short and Long-Term Goals

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