Describe mitigation and adaptation

Describe mitigation and adaptation

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Mitigation and Adaptation
This post will cover how your country is planning to adapt to the impacts of climate change. For
example, New York City and New Orleans have spent a lot of time and money making sure that the next
hurricane that hits will not ruin the city via storm surge. NYC is considering building sea walls and New
Orleans has completely revamped their defenses against the sea. Then you will discuss how your
country is trying to fight global warming by mitigating the problem through policies or movements to
lessen their carbon emissions.

Include at least one visual aid in your post, the more the merrier. Avoid simply attaching a word
document, we want a blog post everyone can see without clicking. Always double check to make sure
your pictures show properly after you post your blog, remember you have to use the insert-image
button to upload the picture. You can always go back in and update it by clicking on the carrot (^) next
to the title. In some cases the UN webpages have broken links, so your country might not have
documents available for all parts. If that's the case for you, or if your documents are in a language you
don't speak, pick a country nearby or see what information you can find elsewhere on the web. I wish it
was as simple as everyone having the same sources, but it's just not that simple! Email me if you need

Adaptation: How will your country adapt to the inevitable global warming that will take place and the
resulting impacts? How will they prepare for the impacts you discussed in homework 3? (If you can't
find anything useful in these links, the INDCs link under Mitigation should also have good adaptation


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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation