Describe in a world where life is filled with pain and strife

Describe in a world where life is filled with pain and strife

In a world where life is filled with pain and strife, there is a hero and her name is Dana. Explanatory research: Proving how Dana is more heroic than Alice and Sarah

Like Butler’s mother, Sarah, Alice, and Dana are forced to endure constant exploitation and degradation to survive and to allow others to survive. Taking Fowler’s definition of heroism into account, write an essay that a) discusses what each of these three characters has to endure and sacrifice, and b) explains which character of these three is the most heroic in your view and why.
Also this is the outline I have turned in:
Tentative Thesis: Endurance and sacrifice are the characteristics that make up a hero and that is depicted through the characters Sarah, Alice, and Dana.
     1. In this book these characters had to endure the most inhumane type of torture.
 A. Sarah had to watch as her children suffered.
B. Alice was raped by rufus, mauled by dogs, and beaten.
C. Dana was whipped by Tom Weylin.
    2.  In this time period sacrifice means loss in a world telling whites they can have it all. But I believe black people showed true sacrifice, because it requires their free will to give up something or someone they love for something or someone they love more than themselves.
a. Sarah had to deal with her children being sold, all but one.
B. Alice gave up her freedom the minute she chose to run away with Isaac. She knew of the consequences and that they would eventually be caught. Although she only had a few days to spend with him, to her the sacrifices were worth it . 
C. Dana lost so much time in her present life, she’s had to give up her husband for five years and her sanity.
    3. Out of these three brave women it was Dana who presented the most heroism.
a. Dana saves Rufus's life in the beginning when he was drowning.
B. Dana stopped Rufus from burning down his own house.
C. She was saving herself in the future.
    4. Therefore, Sarah and alice had to go through the most pain, but it was dana who sacrificed the most.

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Heroism through pain and strife