Compare two sources for a medication.

Compare two sources for a medication.

comparing two sources for a medication.

1. Communicate effectively and appropriately in written form to compare medication information in a
popular source and in a scholarly source.
2. Integrate experience, reason, and information to evaluate the quality and accuracy of different types of
sources for medication information.
3. Evaluate, synthesize, and apply information related to consumer use of medications.
4. Consider context and implication of ethics in relation to consumer medication information, including
the role of the nurse.

Project Overview:
As technology has exploded, health care consumers have easy access to a wide variety of health information
sources. This means that the patients you care for likely are using multiple sources to gain information about
their medications. Are these sources helpful or harmful? Do they provide quality, accurate information? Do they
present information in a way that the average person will be able to understand it? Can it be dangerous when
important information regarding a medication is omitted or misunderstood? These are important questions for
nurses to consider; questions you should keep in mind while completing this project.
To explore the topic of consumer access to medication information, you will compare two different types of
sources for information about the same medication: One popular culture source, something that a patient would
have easy access to, and one scholarly source that is intended for use by health care professionals. To complete
this project please refer to the guidelines below, and to the Source Comparison Paper Grading Rubric for
specific grading criteria.
Project Guidelines:
 Locate one popular culture source about a medication of your choosing. Examples of popular sources
include popular magazines, health web sites, blogs, newspaper articles, and social media articles.

 Locate one professional source article, written about the SAME medication as the popular source
article. This source must be a peer-reviewed, professional journal article, less than five years old.

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Comparing two medication sources