Case study of strategy management

Case study of strategy management

Case study of strategy management. question 5 is divided into 5 categories. which are:

power of buyers

power of suppliers



entry barriers

my request is to do the COMPETITION with 150 words please.

The case is attached.

GlaxoSmithKline’s Rush for Branded Generic Markets: Will it be a Success?
“Emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Middle East, are significant growth drivers of the future. They are already contributing close to 25% of todads market growth and are forecast to grow even faster in the future, around triple the rate of western countries. It is essential that we have an operating structure that is dynamic and responsive to the opportunities in these markets.”‘

  • Witty Andrew, Chief Executive, GlaxoSmithKline Plc.
    Emerging markets are showing strong growth in volumes and branded generics in emerging markets do a lot better than they do in western markets.”2

Question 5.

“GSK took a breakthrough entry into emerging market for branded generics but it was still faced by a lot of challenges. Though Witty had set out three new strategic priorities that aimed to increase growth, reduce risk and improve GSK’s long term financial performance. GSK could face tough competition in emerging market for its branded generics. The major challenges flaunted by emerging markets were intellectual property (IP) exposure and drug pricing controls.” (Para 2 of the section: “Challenges” of the case study). Analyse (preferably using Porter’s Model) the challenges for GSK’s generic drugs emerging markets.

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Case study of strategy management

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