Carter Inc strategic plan

Carter Inc strategic plan

Carter Inc strategic plan. A strategic plan should be well-written and look professional. The way in which the report’s contents are presented should not lead to doubts about their authority.

• Flawlessly written or very close to it. Almost, if not entirely, free of typographical, grammatical, syntactical, and punctuation errors. Correct and consistent use of recognized citation style (e.g., APA).

• Provides a succinct but informative introduction to the organization, its products, and its industry.
• Focuses on pertinent details. Skips information that is irrelevant in this context or presented elsewhere in the document.

• Provides a balanced assessment of the (dis)advantages of each strategy with particular emphasis given to its fit with the SWOT analysis of the previous sections.

• Clearly presents the most significant/material aspects of the external environment in a logical and effective manner. Leaves no doubt that all aspects of the external environment were scrutinized in arriving at the aspects selected for inclusion. Goes into greater depth where appropriate.

• The proposed strategies are distinct, complete, and described in sufficient detail to clearly reveal their underlying logic.

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 Carter Inc strategic plan

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