Body-shaming in Skirt Size Issue

Body-shaming in Skirt Size Issue

Body-shaming: Skirt Size Issue

This is an actual event that occurred in 1998 at a large integrated casino resort located on the Las Vegas Strip.

You are the Human Resources Manager at a large property on the Las Vegas Strip.  You have received a complaint from Rebecca, a coordinator in the Marketing Department stating that she has been body-shamed.  Rebecca further explained that her manager, John, met with her to discuss adherence to the appearance standard.  John informed her that she was in violation of the appearance standard included in the Employee Handbook, stating that skirt length may be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.  Rebecca responded that she thought her shorter skirt length was acceptable as another coordinator, Samantha, regularly wears skirts that are shorter.  In response, John stated that Samantha was thin and could wear a shorter skirt.

Discussion Question One:

How would you address the issue of body-shaming with John?

Discussion Question Two:

How would you recommend proceeding with the adherence to the property appearance standard regarding skirt length?

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Body-shaming in Skirt Size Issue

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