Benefits of telemarketing operations

Benefits of telemarketing operations

Module 6: Benefits of telemarketing operations.
Answer each of the following questions as completely as possible. Answer all parts of multi-part questions. Each response should be no more than four typed, double-spaced pages.

These are critical thinking questions, but you must support your answers with facts from your reading and

viewing materials. Do not merely copy your answers from your course materials. Formulate answers in your own words, paraphrasing or quoting the course materials as appropriate. Be sure to cite these references in an appropriate manner by using footnotes or endnotes. If you use outside sources to strengthen your answers, be sure to cite them also.

Before submitting your work, proofread it for correct spelling, grammar, complete sentences and paragraphs, and clarity of expression. Be sure to keep a copy of each assignment for yourself.

Your boss has told you to provide a recommendation for either an in-house or a contract telemarketing operation. Your company has never used telemarketing as a sales approach. Which would you recommend and why?

As a sales manager, you have always told your sales personnel to resist the temptation to mix business and personal matters on their expense reports. Recently, you took an old college friend to dinner and put the expense on your account because you compared career notes. A secretary in the department mentioned the dinner expense to one of your salespeople, who told the others that you were doing exactly what you told them not to do. What will you do? What will you say to your salespeople?

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Benefits of telemarketing operations

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