Ella is a 6-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy who had been brought into hospital with a chest infection. You have been asked to perform a health assessment for Ella who is distress at being in hospital.

  1. Cerebral palsy can cause different degrees of developmental delay but in order to understand the impact the condition has on a person you need to be aware of the stage of growth and development a person should beat.
  2. Discuss the stage of human growth and development that you would expect Ella to be at as a six-year old? 
    1. Referring to the Person-Centered Health Care Assessment and the Development of Health Care Plans Core Standards for Practitioners to answer this question.
    2. Identify at least 6 potential health issues associated with cerebral palsy.
    3. List the 4 essential skills that you need to draw upon when completing a health care assessment on Ella?
    4. Identify at least 6 components of a comprehensive care health plan and provide the reasons why they are included in a person’s plan?
  3. Ella becomes more distressed as you are performing the health care assessment. Using problem solving strategies and techniques, discuss the actions you could take to reduce Ella’s distress.

 You speak with Ella’s mum, Karen, who is staying in hospital with Ella and she tell you that their family like to take a wellness approach to health.

  1. Explain what a wellness approach to health means and provide at least 3 examples of how a wellness approach could be used for Ella. 

Patients with disabilities

  1. As a family with a young child, identify some of the family health care needs that Ella and her family may require. 
  2. WhencheckingElla’svitalsignsoneafternoonyounotethatherrespiratoryratehasincreasefrom22to 32 and that her SpO2 has decreased from 98% to 92%. Identify what actions you would take. In your answer, discuss the following:
    • who you would inform of Ella’s condition
    • what clinical signs suggest that there is a deterioration in Ella’s condition.

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