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For the purposes of this question, assume that you are a new director of a large child care center serving 400 children, ages 2-8 years and their families. The board of directors hired you after terminating the previous director unexpectedly. This happened because one of the directors attended a conference and became acquainted with the PAS and its’ relationship to the provision of a quality program for children. It became obvious to the board that the center scores on most of the items would fall far below the ‘excellent’ standard.

The board has directed you to review the PAS, and select two items from two different subscales to focus on improving during your first year – for a total of 4 items in all. They request that you come to the next monthly meeting prepared to answer these questions about each item:

  1. Why was this item selected? What is the relationship of this item to the provision of a quality program for children and families?
  2. Share your ideas for improving this item, including what resources you need from the board in order to carry out your ideas.

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