Discussion: The Stranger

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Write an analytical response to one of the following questions. Refer to specific examples in the text to support your interpretation (300 words minimum).

  • Discuss the validity of the prosecutor’s case. What evidence does the prosecutor use to convince the jury that Meursault is guilty and deserves the death penalty? Is Meursault’s conviction and sentencing justified? In other words, has justice been served? Why or why not?
  • Summarize Meursault’s arguments about public executions and the guillotine in particular (110-112). Explain the significance of Meursault’s argument. And with that in mind, discuss the final sentence of the novel. Why does Meursault want a large crowd of spectators to greet him with cries of hate?
  • To what extent does Meursault accept responsibility and guilt for the murder of the Arab? How might this be related to Meursault’s conversations with the magistrate (66-70) and the Chaplain (116-122)? What does God have to do with the issue of guilt, and why does Meursault refuse to believe in God?

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