Discussion questions

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  1. Corporate responsibility (CR) or corporate social responsibility (CSR) is extraordinarily important for the Otto Group. Define the concept of CSR. What arguments in favor to CSR seem most important? Name the driving forces which make CSR more relevant today.
  2. Growth is highly relevant for the success of a retail company, but is has become harder to achieve, for several reasons. Identify and discuss three of these reasons as it relates to the company you are researching for your final project. (My company is the online boutique ‘pretty little things’
  3. Compare Carrefour’s expansion strategy to that of Walmart. Which strategic option do you think is the best? Why?
  4. How do The Home Depot’s site selection criteria reflect the company’s strategy? Discuss in detail.
  5. Trader Joe’s wants to be viewed as a local specialty grocery store, but the company is constantly growing and opening new locations. Explain the main challenges faced by Trader Joe’s in maintaining its neighborhood store images

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