discussion on The Role of Infectious Agents In Oncogenesis


In this discussion, you are expected to extensively research (read chapter 6 of – The Molecular Basis of Cancer textbook by Mendelsohn et al) and write on the topic – The Role of Infectious Agents in Oncogenesis. You are required to use this outline as a guide (do not restrict yourself to it, though).

  • Introduction and history of infectious agents and oncogenesis
  • Identify at least five (5) infectious agents that play a role in oncogenesis

For each infectious agent, discuss the following;

  • What cancer(s) is associated with its development?
  • What is(are) the oncogenic factor(s) in the infectious agent?
  • What is(are) the mechanism(s) of oncogenesis
  • What are your suggestions for prevention, control and or treatment of any of these cancers?


Analyze the posts of any two of your classmates and identify any new information you may have gleaned from their works, address any omissions or inaccuracies you observe, make relevant scientific contributions to the discussion and ask for clarifications on any unclear areas in the person’s post.

I will attach a link of chapter 6 from the book

minimum of 500 words for the discussion or more and the replies are 250 words]

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