Discussion – Developmental Disorders and Mental Illness

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Discussion – Developmental Disorders and Mental Illness

J.R. Jones

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This module was all about developmental disorders and mental illness, and particularly how vulnerable those transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood are to experiencing difficulties. I added this module because I think it’s important to know about the factors related to the development of mental illness. However, there is a vast amount of information on this topic, more than I could possibly include within our time frame. For this discussion the goal is once again for all of you to learn from one another.

I’d like you to select any form of developmental disorder or mental illness you’re interested in learning more about and do some research. At what age do symptoms commonly start to become evident? What are some of the early warning signs to look for? What interventions might be implemented to prevent the condition from developing or lessen the negative effects? What treatments have been most successful?

Cite your sources. However, first hand knowledge is also informative. Some of you deal with younger people and probably know a great deal. Feel free to share. Overall, don’t get too detailed. Keep it relatively simple and concise. The idea is to create a quick facts source covering a variety of mental illnesses that is informative and could guide diagnosis and treatment.

After you present your findings, comment on what one or two of your classmates submitted. In particular, what did you learn from their post(s)?

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