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  • Compare and contrast the functions and mechanisms of mitosis and meiosis in a diploid organism’s
    life cycle.


Now that you have been introduced to the stages of meiosis and mitosis, it is time to start looking closer at these processes and compare and contrast differences between them. For this discussion I want you to:

1) Name a stage of mitosis and two similar stage(s) of meiosis. For example, if you picked prophase in mitosis, you should compare it to prophase 1 and prophase 2 in meiosis.

2) Describe what happens during the stage of mitosis. Be specific with this stage and try to be as accurate as possible when discussing homologous chromosomes, chromatids, chromosomes etc.

3) Now describe the matching stage(s) in meiosis. Again, be specific with each stage and aim for accuracy when discussing them.

4) Finally, identify what kind of cells are in each stage, haploid or diploid cells?

For this discussion, make sure to read through some of the other posts from your classmates before posting. The challenge here is to not to pick the same stage and repeat the comparison between everyone, but to choose the stage(s) that have not yet been discussed. In other words, I’m not looking for 45 posts comparing and contrasting prophase, prophase 1, and prophase 2. Once there are no new comparisons to be made, selecting stage(s) that have already been covered in other posts is fine but try to do it yourself.

  • By Thursday: Please make an initial reply to this post that compare and contrast similar steps in meiosis and mitosis. For your initial post, I am looking for well supported reply that justifies your stance (please provide more than three sentence replies!). Feel free to link studies or trustworthy articles that support your post. Please use complete sentences and appropriate grammar.

Reply to Peers

  • By Thursday: Please reply to two of your peers. Did their post make sense? Did they miss any processes in their comparison? Do you have anything to add to their response? As always, please keep the discussion civil, we’re all here to learn.

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