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This week you will start developing sketches for your final project. Please be sure you have read the specs for this assignment in the Module 02 Final Project Introduction.

For this assignment, create a minimum of twenty (20) thumbnail sketches.

Fifteen (15) of your sketches should focus on the book cover illustration you will be creating for this project and should include both character(s) and environment.

The remaining five (5) should focus on the larger page layout for the poster-including type and placement concepts.

“Art directors, storyboard artists and graphic designers, as well as other kinds of visual artists, use the term “thumbnail sketch” to describe a small drawing on paper (usually part of a group) used to explore multiple ideas quickly.” – Wikipedia

Thumbnail sketches are small because that saves time in working through multiple ideas, and because it’s often easier to see potential design issues, much like stepping back from a larger, finished work.

Book cover thumbnail sketches - Laura G. Young

Book cover thumbnail sketches – Laura G. Young (

Final Project Thumbnail Specs:

  • Submit a minimum of 20 thumbnail sketches:
  • 15 thumbnails focused on your book cover illustration, which must include character(s) and environment.
  • 5 thumbnails focused on larger page layout for the final poster which must include type and illustration placement ideas.
  • Thumbnails are small, but contain enough detail to help you focus on the best elements of the design. Thumbnails are not sloppy.
  • Create a single page document in Photoshop that includes your thumbnails AND the title of your book. and Export as a JPG for submission to the drop box.

Make sure you include the title in the JPG, so your instructor knows how the sketches relate to the book.

Are you not really clear on how to create thumbnail sketches? Review the Retro Advertisement thumbnail sketch information in Module 05.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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