Contemporary Biological Anthropology


Research in biological anthropology can confirm or reject a hypothesis, but as more data become available, more questions and hypotheses arise! In an extended paragraph (200-300 words), describe two questions or hypotheses that you think biological anthropologists should investigate in the future. How would you go able investigating these questions or hypotheses? Why do you think they are important?


Contemporary Biological Anthropology

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeParagraphPoses two questions or hypotheses and answers the questions in the prompt10 to >7.0 ptsFull MarksThoughtfully and thoroughly addresses all aspects of the question. Approximately 200 words.7 to >0.0 ptsPartial creditDoes not pose two hypotheses, does not answer all the questions, or is too brief.0 ptsNo MarksNot submitted or off-topic10 pts
Total Points: 10

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