Communications Question

I’m working on a communications report and need a sample draft to help me study.

Classroom Management Resource – You will be designing a resource for teaching assistants or interns who may be helping to facilitate the training, but who have little to no experience dealing with difficult people. This training resource should reflect the materials discussed and lessons learned over the course of the semester (as a starting point). Envision a specific “audience” (K-12, online, higher education, professional training, church, etc.) for your resource, it is expected that the materials included be focused on the field of Communication Studies in some way and should include helpful tips for dealing with multiple personality types that may exist. This resource should demonstrate your abilities to process and synthesize course concepts and engage in critical communication pedagogy.

Create a FAQ – 10 questions and responses (each question/response should be 100-200 words). Examples include: What do you do when a student is talking in the back of the room? What do you do when a student comes in late to class? How do you handle a student who is always playing on their phone?

Use a minimum of five sources.

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