Communication Case Study Peer Review

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This assignment is designed to help you glean feedback from a colleague on a late draft of your Case Study so you can use it to improve the final product you turn in at the end of the semester.

Please provide an academic peer review based on the communication theory we have learned. You need to provide comments on the right side of the article (at least one in each paragraph), and write two-paragraph summary reviews at the end of the article. You need to make constructive comments.

The article is in the attached file.

Scoring instructions:

Introduction: Describes overall purpose of paper (includes description of case for background/context; briefly previews type of media content that will be analyzed and theoretical/scholarly literature that will be used; makes argument for why that area of scholarly literature is best suited to understanding the case).

Literature Review: Summary of theoretical/scholarly literature reviewed for the case (at least 10 sources cited).

Methodology: Identifies media content analyzed, provides rationale for media content selected, describes how media content was collected, briefly identifies qualitative content analysis as the method of data analysis.

Media Review: Provides analysis of the chosen media that derives from insights related to the theoretical framework outlined in the literature review. For example, if you reviewed crisis communication theories/principles, you should be analyzing your data to report if and how those principles were used; if you reviewed framing theory, you should be looking for types of frames used, etc.). Findings from analyzed media texts are written in a narrative/thematic/descriptive format with example quotes interspersed to serve as evidence.

Discussion/Conclusion: The discussion and conclusion can occupy a single section, or individual sections can be created for the discussion and conclusion, respectively. Either way, provide comparisons/contrasts to previous literature and practical lessons learned and/or recommendations you have for how the individuals and/or organizations involved could have used media more strategically to realize more favorable outcomes. Furthermore, provide a conclusion that summarizes the broader Case Study and what it has contributed to our understanding of the issues/theories discussed.

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