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‘Policing: NYPD’s policy of random stop-and-frisk and its impact on community relations.’

Applied Research Hypothesis

Write a brief summary of each study, explaining how the researchers examined the problem you are interested in studying and their key findings. Based on what you learned from the methods used by the authors of each study, develop a draft research hypothesis, identifying the independent and dependent variables for your proposed research.

Be sure to cite your sources in the body of your paper and list them on your reference page, consistent with APA guidelines. Remember, applied research is not common knowledge, so it is important to cite to all of your sources of information.


Evans, D. N., Maragh, C. L., & Porter, J. R. (2014). What do we know about NYC’s stop and frisk program? A spatial and statistical analysis. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal1(2), 130-144. DOI: 10.14738/assrj.12.66

Chu, C., Lu, E. Y., Wang, C., & Tsai, T. (2016). Grounding Police Accountability and Performance in Context: A Comparative Study of Stop and Frisk Between New York City and Taipei City. Public Administration & Development36(2), 108–120.

Milner, A. N., George, B. J., & Allison, D. B. (2016). Black and Hispanic Men Perceived to Be Large Are at Increased Risk for Police Frisk, Search, and Force. PloS one, 11(1), e0147158.

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