Chart Data Analysis ( criminology)


For the completion of this assignment, you will be using the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Interactive Delinquency Data Reports which can be found at:

Delinquency Profile | Florida Department of Juvenile JusticeBecome A Partner. The vision of the Restoring Hope Community Network program is to provide a full range of programs and services that will turn around the lives of troubled youth and ensure that voluntary chaplaincy services are available to youth and their families during times of family

(Links to an external site.). The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s “electronic release” of data on delinquency arrests and dispositions examines Florida’s juvenile justice system at several points of the juvenile justice continuum (i.e., Intake, Disposition, Court-Diversion programs, Juvenile Probation, Residential Commitment, and Transfers to the Adult Court System). Each student will select a county and one juvenile justice continuum in which data will be extracted and analyzed. Once the county and the point of continuum have been selected, data from FY 2018 – 2019 and FY 2019 – 2020 will be compared across the following racial/ethnic and gender groups: White Male, White Female, Black Male, Black Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Other Male and Other Female. Once the data has been collected, you must create charts to display your data. Chart 1 should present FY 2018 – 2019 (i.e., race/ethnic and gender groups with the county total). Chart 2 should present FY2019-2020 (i.e., race/ethnic and gender groups with the county total). Chart 3 should be a comparison of FY2018-2019 and FY 2019-2020. The county totals do not have to be included in Chart 3. After you create your charts, you will write a description and summary of your findings from the data that you obtained. Your written description must indicate any changes from FY 2018 -2019 to FY 2019 – 2020. In addition to your description and summary, you will end your report by providing at least three suggestions for improvement. The directions for retrieving this data from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice website will be discussed during the first week of class. This assignment is worth 100 points and will account for 20% of your grade.

Sources: 2 sources required

Citation Style: APA 6th edition

4 pages / 1100 words (Double spacing)

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