Case study

I’m working on a entrepreneurship discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

You should have the book!

Regarding Case — Optitech, Chapter 18, Pages 464-472, Jim Harris has three main options (or strategic alternatives) to consider to take Optitech to the next level: 1) maintain private company structure, 2) growth through acquisition strategy, or 3) strategic sale of the company. You are Jim’s trusted advisor – which option would you recommend for Jim (he needs a definitive recommendation based on the available information in the case)? Most importantly, why (give 3-4 good reasons to support your recommendation)? You are Jim’s trusted advisor because you can make a definitive decision with the information provided to you in the case (not merely recommending additional research or requiring additional information). Be sure to study the Chapter 18 course material (presentation and textbook) before deciding (this will help you with your decision and recommendation).

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