case study analysis#1 part two, Amazon banned Parler

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How should Amazon proceed regarding its relationship with Parler? My answer is: Amazon should continue banning Parler. However, I’m not sure how to respond in a full page
Below are the instructions

pply 5 to 8 concepts/frameworks from the course materials. They are 1- Social Responsibility, 2- Corporate Governance, 3- Business Ethics and Ethical decision making, 4- Consumer Relations, 5- Sustainability Issues, 6- Business, Government, and Regulations, 7- Social Responsibility, 8- Community relations.

All the sources you use must be after 2015. In other words you can not use sources that are more than 5 years old. Sources you use must be peer reviewed journals and/or business articles such as Forbes, WSJ, and Business insider.

APA style references. 1 -1.5 page double space

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