Case Conceptualization Week 8

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Question: Please share the skills you have gained for case conceptualization and treatment planning, with focus on how this course has prepared for you to complete a thorough assessment and treatment plan development.

Skills I have gained: How to properly understand and implement the biopsychosocial when assessing individuals, the different areas of the biopsychosocial and how they relate to understanding the client as a whole, how to articulate an effective treatment plan, how to write a treatment plan that is formulated to each client’s individual needs, improved my diagnostic understanding and skills, increased awareness of cultural factors, learned to keep goals focused and only utilize a few at a time, learned how to measure progress and when to maintain or terminate treatment, learned how to effectively address and account for co-occuring conditions and how they influence one another. Etc.

I have attached some supplementary materials for your reference. Please review them to understand the basics of what this course was about. It is for a graduate level Case Conceptualization course for Clinical Mental Health Counseling to work towards becoming a licensed professional counselor/therapist.

3-4 substantial paragraphs (5+ sentences each paragraph). APA formatting. At least 2 references. No cover page necessary. Single-spaced.

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