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This is an individual effort and you are required to cite all of your sources using pages from the text (i.e. Pgs. 3-17). Please use a 12-point font and 1.5 line spacing. You will be graded on content, citation support for your answers, and grammar. There is no minimum page requirement, but please ensure you answer the question fully to receive maximum credit. You do not need any sources beyond your textbook to complete this exam

1) Chapter 3 of the text discussed how individual differences affect work behavior. Define and discuss the dimensions of Emotional Intelligence. (25 points)

1) Chapter 4 of the text discussed perceptions and attributions. The text identified six factors that decrease perceptual accuracy. Please define each factor and discuss which one you believe is most harmful to forming trusting relationships in the workplace. (25 points)

2) Chapter 10 discussed how groups and teams function within organizations. Define and discuss the differences and similarities between groups and teams. Then, identify and discuss the stages of group development. (25 points)

4) Chapter 2 covered international and organizational culture. Define organizational culture and discuss why diversity plays an important in an organization’s culture. (25 points)

Konopaske, R., Ivancevich, J. M., & Matteson, M. T. (2018). Organizational behavior & management (11thed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Education. << THIS IS THE TEXTBOOK. Don’t use any outside source and follow all instructions.

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