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Identify a third party logistics provider (3PL) to your chosen company and describe the types of services it offers and the advantages it might provide your chosen company. Describe the latest news/current events about that 3PL. (Use your Wall Street Journal free subscription)

A list of the “Top 100 3PL Providers

Include the following items in your essay.

  • industry(ies) served
  • services offered
  • customized solutions
  • unique resources or services
  • contract requirements
  • technology integration
  • How it benefits the outsourcing company in terms of cost savings and efficiency savings

Tip: Take a look at the topic learning objectives within Canvas modules and try to include as many from modules three and four in your paper.

Add any graphs, charts, tables, etc. to bolster your decision. Add any pertinent comments.

Your response should be written in brief business writing format, with at least the above seven bullet points as headings. Brevity is rewarded.

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