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hello, i need a 6-7 page essay about racism and how it affects people. dont copy anything please due to plagiarism. the instructions for the essay is in the word documents.we have to use some websites, i have chose these 2, please use them.

those are somethings that i wrote that will give you an idea of what i need.

I am really interested in how racism in health care affects all people, especially black people. I read an article that said “The COVID-19 pandemic draws attention to this. A May 2020 study estimates that in the U. S., Black people were 3.57 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than white people. Similarly, the risk of death within the Latinx population was nearly twice that of the white population.” This is a really interesting topic to discuss, and I would like to discuss it further so I could know why racism in health care exist. I once wrote an essay about racism in health care and I think that I know enough to write this essay, people would totally change the way they treat you based on your color. Another example is that if there is a white and black people came to the emergency room they would go help the white person first before helping the other, I read that from an article but I could find it again.

How racism in health care affects people is a question that most people ask themselves, they know the answer but they do not know why. I think that there could be multiple answers but the most important is that people change the way they treat you based on your race, and color. I think I’m planning to use logos the most in this essay because im trying to use logic and make sense when describing the situation.

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