[APA] Marketing Research

I’m working on a marketing report and need guidance to help me understand better.

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to apply your knowledge of classical conditioning and memory in creating brand communication.

Instructions: Use your knowledge of Classical Conditioning and create an advertisement idea that applies classical conditioning, on a product of your choice.

Instructions: Choose any product category. Give it a new brand name, and justify your choice in light of your understanding of memory and recall. Create an IDEA for a TV ad that applies Classical Conditioning to associate your new brand with a CR. It is NOT MANDATORY to create the actual advertisement; just an ad idea.undefined

Deliverables: A 4-5 pages report (excluding the cover page), double spaced, font 12, Times New Romans.

Report Format (must contain all these elements clearly specified through headings)

Introduction: tell us about your product category and your new brand name. Don’t forget to justify your choice of brand name.

Ad Idea: tell us a summary of your ad idea.

Analysis: make sure you address the following questions in your analysis:

What is the desired association and why is it suitable for your brand?

What is the UCS, UCR, CS and CR

How does the ad execution successfully applies classical conditioning?

How will you encourage the association to stick and avoid extinction

How will you avoid stimulus generalization or encourage stimulus discrimination?

Bonus: submit a storyboard for your TV ad (1%)

In addition you must use ideas and information retrieved during class. I attached 3 powerpoints which represents our class lectures and which should be used when writing this report. The powerpoint addresses various concept and theories which MUST be approached in the paper. In the situation in which they are not approached, the paper will result in a failing grade. In addition, grammar is vital for this paper!

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