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Choose one of the videos below. Watch it and then write on:

1.How they enter an altered sates of consciousness

2.The myth (the story, reasons, and function) behind altering the state of consciousness

3. The symbolism of the rituals you have observed (words, body movements, music, etc.)

Share 3 at minimum.

You might need to do additional online research to fully answer the questions above. For the first video, all answers to the questions can be found in the video. However, to understand who Whirling Dervishes are you either need to watch the full documentary or do a quick online search about them. For the second video, most of you know who they are. However, the answers to the questions cannot be fully found in the video. To supply it, you will need to do online research again.

1. Sufi Whirling Dervishes (Only watch from minute 33 to 40)

Rumi documentary – English-مولانا و رقص سماع (Links to an external site.)

2. Pentecostal Church-Speaking in Tounges-10 mins total (To address Q-2 you might need additional online search)

Spokane Cornerstone Pentacostal Church – Holy Ghost Praise and Worship – 2010-05-02 10 min 720p (Links to an external site.)

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