Annotation set 2

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Provide 3 annotated citations for your research paper here. These should include:

A complete citation for each work included.

A few sentences summarizing the author’s main point, including how you plan to use this source, and a critical review of the source:

  • a statement about the type of source (e.g., a scholarly research article, an editorial from a professional magazine, a feature newspaper article, a chapter from a popular book, a website);
  • a short evaluation of the authority of the author to write about the topic, quality of the source, objectivity, etc.
  • Your own thoughts on why this is relevant for you in the context of your research paper, and how you will use this source.

Each citation should be between 100-300 words (it’s usually 50 for summary, 50 for critical review, and 50 for how you plan to use it.)

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