anatomy bone powerpoint

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To create a presentation for people in the community to educate them on how to prevent bone disorders and diseases


You are the director of a hospital who has become concerned by the upswing in bone-related maladies. Your concern has caused you to thoroughly research the issue and present your findings in a community forum.


The community at large


You are to present your information to a general community population.

Product, Performance, and Purpose

You need to create a PowerPoint presentation that is understandable for the community at large. You should include a description of different bone afflictions, ways to prevent these conditions, how to prevent bone loss, and risk factors.

Standards and Criteria For Success

Your presentation must contain at least ten slides. Your presentation must be submitted to the assignment link in PowerPoint format.

Your PowerPoint must describe the skeletal system issues thoroughly, yet in simple enough language for your audience to understand.

Suggested points of emphasis are found in the presentation, performance, and purpose section.

The tone should be informational but eye catching.

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