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In my experience & perspective, there are many valuable things that we can do while we are in college that can help us explore the important questions of: “Who am I, where am I going, & how do I get there?” Some of those can include volunteering, internships, exploring part time jobs, articulating your thoughts in a journal, talking to counselors, getting academic credit for our internships and jobs (Links to an external site.), and informational interviews among others.

For this assignment, watch the documentary which follows a group of young people as they interview individuals across the U.S. While dated, it is a good example of how talking to professionals in different industries can give valuable insights into various careers and opportunities. During your college years, I encourage you to talk to people that have some of the jobs you are considering. You will never regret spending the time to research and invest in yourself.

This assignment should be at least 600 words of your own writing. As always, I encourage you to be critical, self-reflective, and honest. Answer all of the following and number each section. Help me maintain my faith in humanity and make me believe you watched it.

  1. What are your thoughts on the documentary overall? Can you relate to the struggle of first-generation college students?
  2. What are your thoughts on the value of doing informational interviews (talking to people that have the jobs you are interested in)?
  3. Which two interviews from the film were most interesting or relevant for your life? Why those 2 specifically?
  4. Have you talked with any professionals out there that have jobs that you are interested in? What did you learn?
  5. If you wanted to conduct informational interviews while in college, how would you go about doing it? Where would you look or how would you find people?

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